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Farmhouse Chic Stocking Tags

Farmhouse Chic Stocking Tags


HAND-LETTERED Farmhouse Chic Stocking Tag

Each uniquely hand-lettered (not a font, not a stencil) name is painted on to wood painted or stained to your liking. Then we add those beloved country chic touches of a slightly distressed finish by sanding the edges all by hand. Choose from 3 different finishes. I've been making these for the past three years all by hand and I love doing them every year more and more. I love that I'm now getting request from families that are growing. It's such an honor to create these treasured heirlooms. The tags can be used even after Christmas in other ways. For example, on laundry baskets, door trees, hallway hooks, all will help to keep things organized for loved ones even after the holidays.


Measurements: 3 inches x 7 inches

Materials used: 1/4 baltic birch,  twine cord








Color Choice

    Made to order. Due to each being hand-lettered and NOT a font, every tag will vary in looks just a little bit. Meaning, no 2 letters/names will look exactly alike. Melissa uses a black or white paint marker depending on your tag background color picked. After she paints the name, we do use a clear satin sealer to help protect each tag to bring you many years of joy. These are made out of wood, so the grain will also vary per tag. 

    Please TRIPLE check all name spellings. Auto-correct can change a name to something IT thinks is right. I've seen it happen many times over the years. So please check all spellings of names extra carefully. 

    When entering names please separate with a comma in the text box. Example:   Mom,Dad,Billy,Margaret

    If you're ordering multiple color tags: For example: you'd like 3 weathered wood and 2 on white background. Please enter names like this:  Weathered wood-Mom,Dad,Billy  white-Margaret,John

    **that way I know which names to put on the correct color tags. --Melissa


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