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Garden Stakes

Garden Stakes

$1.56 Regular Price
$1.50Sale Price

Introducing our personalized handmade garden stakes! Each stake comes with a beautifully laser engraved, easy to read wooden label, ensuring the information won't wash off or run when it rains. These sturdy stakes will stay put in your garden, so you'll not forget what you planted and where. (ask us how we know. ha ha ha)  Measuring about 6 inches in length and .75 inches in width, they are the perfect size for any garden. Don't see a vegetable, herb or berry that you need a label for? No worries, simply use the custom label option in our selection and personalize it to fit your needs. Keep your garden organized and stylish with our personalized garden stakes!




*Please note that this are made of wood. Over time they will start to wear and tear as with any wood product. We're confident that they will last 1 full gardening season (and hopefully beyond) 

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